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Complete Set of 3-A Sanitary Standards, Accepted Practices and P3-A Pharmaceutical Standards
standard by 3-A Sanitary Standards,

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Includes all 3-A Sanitary Standards, 3-A Accepted Practices, and P3-A Pharmaceutical Standards for eggs. “Self Extracting File Format” indicates a compressed ZIP file which contains all documents in Adobe PDF format.

A web-based multi-user Subscription Service is also available. The Subscription Service allows one or more users to access the 3-A Standards simultaneously from any location in electronic format. Any updates to the standards are included for the one-year license period. Click here for more information or email [email protected]

3-A SSI formulates sanitary standards and accepted practices for the sanitary design, fabrication, installation and cleanability of dairy and food equipment or systems used to handle, process and package consumable products where a high degree of sanitation is required. These sanitary standards and accepted practices are developed through the cooperative efforts of industry experts. 3-A Sanitary Standards provide material specifications, design criteria and other necessary information for equipment types to satisfy public health concerns. 3-A Sanitary Standards are available for many equipment types, from fittings to silo tanks. The goal of 3-A SSI is to protect consumable products from contamination and to ensure that all product surfaces can be mechanically (CIP) cleaned or easily dismantled for manual cleaning.

3-A Accepted Practices cover a system, which is defined as a set of connected equipment and machinery that forms a whole or works together. In addition to the criteria for equipment, a practice may also provide specifications for sanitary installation and legal controls. 3-A criteria is universally accepted by equipment manufacturers, fabricators, users and sanitarians.

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